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~ Appearances ~

♥ May 22nd – 25th: Have fun with everyone at Anime Oasis Convention in Boise, ID!

♦ May 28th – 31st: FJP and an awesome time at Phoenix ComicCon in Boise, ID!

♠ August 28th & 29th: Join Tonya and FJP at the Utah Renaissance Faire!

See you soon! 


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“With almost 20 books in print from FJP and affiliated publishers,” John Farmer says, “we have Sci-Fi, fantasy, Steampunk, horror and now even a comic book. It’s easy to find things people will love.”

Updated 5/18/15

What We Do

We want to help you get published. Period.

To get published, you need to get your book in front of the right eyes. However, you never know where those eyes may be next. Getting a hard copy of your book out in book stores is great, but without being a big publisher, you can’t get most places without incurring a lot of personal expense.

Here’s what we offer:

♦ We do a lot of traveling.

♦ We do a lot of promoting.

♦ We’ve done a lot of research on how the self-published author can get interviews, respect and support in this industry.

♦ We have a great deal with an excellent printer, have some great artists, audio book voice actors, game designers and e-publishers in the partnership in addition to alpha readers, beta readers and editors.

♠ In addition to helping you, you get to help other like you, supporting them and sharing your experience to help them get published too.

Join us! Let’s see what we can do together!

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